PROJECT HOPE provides educational opportunities for youth from disadvantaged backgrounds who have been educated and cared for by the Missionary Sisters of Christ in Brazil. While these youngsters possess great natural talents, they have little or no opportunity to develop them.

These children are among the poorest of the poor, as is usually the case with women and children living in poverty in developing nations. Many do not graduate from high school, which means that they lack the skills necessary to ever overcome a life of poverty for themselves and their children.

PROJECT HOPE uses education to break the cycle of poverty.  It builds upon the solid educational foundation provided by the Missionary Sisters of Christ and offers an open door to the future through educational programs in Brazil and at Saint Vincent College.  The program provides funding for students to come to Saint Vincent College and earn a college degree.

You can join us in this work of charity by supporting this project not only through your prayers, but also through a donation that might help to turn what is only a dream into a reality. Your gift will make a concrete difference in the lives of these youngsters, as well as in the lives of their families and communities.