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Saint Vincent College Campus Ministry, under the direction of Father Killian Loch, O.S.B., completed its annual service trip to Saint Vincent Archabbey's Priory in Brazil during spring break 2017. While there the students visited the Monastery at Vinhedo, and volunteered with the local sisters and students at a school.
173 SVC Campus Ministry Asia Trip

Born from A Mission ...The Mission Continues

Saint Vincent Archabbey was born from a mission and continues in mission. In 1846, Benedictine missionaries from Bavaria came to the United States with a vision to not only serve the German population of this region, but people from all ethnicities throughout the country. More than 175 years later, that vision has helped to expand the ministry of Saint Vincent throughout the country and around the world. The Saint Vincent Foreign Missions brings the Good News to people in our communities in Vinhedo, Brazil and in Taipei, Taiwan, just like the German monks brought the Gospel to Pennsylvania.

The culture and language of these two missions differ greatly. However, the dedication of our missionaries, volunteers and benefactors is the same. In the Saint Vincent Missions Office, we are committed to bringing hope to these parts of the world by fulfilling the needs of the uneducated, neglected, abused or unwanted, and by developing and maintaining a spiritual home for the people of regions we serve. Addressing the spiritual and social needs of those communities we serve establishes a strong foundation for these communities to thrive.


“Friends of Mosteiro de São Bento, Vinhedo, Brazil, has a Facebook page. To learn more about our mission in Brazil, visit this page.

Click the images to links that were posted with a message of gratitude for the support of Saint Vincent Archabbey. It shows two of the projects support by Archabbey Missions (the music and sports classes, which operate in association with the psychologist and the social worker in order to address emotional and psychological issues identified on the children as a result of their
living conditions and family history). Theater classes are also a
big part of this project and Saint Vincent supports those as well. Visitors may need to log into Facebook to see the posts.