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In May of 2024 Saint Vincent Archabbey sponsored a Mission Trip to Jundiaí, Brazil.

Young adults, ages 18 to 25, of our parishes where our Benedictines serve were eligible. Mission Fellows worked alongside monks and other ministers as they interacted with children at local schools, helped the less fortunate, and spread the joy of the Gospel message.

Saint Vincent Archabbey’s Mission Office goal is to fund about half of all the expenses for this wonderful experience. The Mission Fellow is raised the remaining funds for the trip on their own.

If you feel called to serve the poor in Brazil, please see your Benedictine pastor to apply. A return trip is planned to Brazil in May of 2025, and discussions are underway for a possible trip to the Abbey’s Wimmer Priory in Taipei, Taiwan, toward the end of 2024 or early 2025. Space is limited and applications will be evaluated in the order they are received.

Awards are contingent on the application of college age students (ages 18-25) who are members of a Benedictine parish staffed by a monk of Saint Vincent Archabbey. Awards will be evaluated by order received and will be given on a case-by-case basis.

A limited number of awards will be granted for flights and other related expenses to serve at Saint Vincent Archabbey’s foreign mission location.

The awardee is expected to raise ($1,250.00) for the support of missionary activities while on the trip. Any funds raised above these amounts will continue to support the Archabbey Wimmer Fund which is the main source of the awards.

The awardee is also required to:

Participate in service activities throughout the mission trip.

Journal their experience, via social media, while on mission.

Be available and participate in follow-up activities including writing articles, making presentations, providing photos and other awareness activities.

Applicants must have a letter from their pastor addressing their character.

For the application, forms, or any questions, comments, or concerns contact Br. Bosco Hough at his email (bosco.hough@stvincent.edu) or by his phone, 724-532-6738. Thank you!

Download 3 x 5 inch parish bulletin ad.

Download 5 x 3 inch parish bulletin ad.

Download 8.5 x 11 inch poster.

Download 11 x 17 inch poster or pdf file.

Download the application form and please see your Benedictine pastor for a recommendation.