Saint Vincent Archabbey has a missionary identity which dates back to its foundation in Western Pennsylvania, in 1846, by Benedictine missionaries from Bavaria who came to the United States with a vision to not only serve the German population of this region, but people from all ethnicities throughout the country.  Over 170 years later, that vision has helped to expand the ministry of the Benedictines of Saint Vincent throughout the country, as well as beyond our borders.  Bringing the Good News to new peoples and cultures is what we continue to try to accomplish in our work with the Saint Vincent Foreign Missions.

The Saint Vincent Foreign Missions continue our tradition of service in Vinhedo, Brazil and in Taipei, Taiwan.  The culture and language of these two mission fronts differ greatly. However, the dedication of our missionaries, volunteers and benefactors in both locations is what binds us together.  In the Saint Vincent Foreign Mission Office, we are committed to bringing hope to these parts of the world by fulfilling the needs of the uneducated, neglected, abused or unwanted, and also by developing and maintaining a spiritual home for the people of those communities.  Our ministry is vital to supply the spiritual and social needs of those we serve and to establish a strong foundation for these communities to thrive.

We need you to join us through prayer, volunteering, or giving funds so that we can continue this extraordinary work.